The National Society of the Claiborne Family Descendants
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June 1987 Harvest Celebration at St. Cuthbert’s Church in Cliburn, England
1st Reunion October 1988 Williamsburg, Virginia Vera “Curly” Moore
2nd Reunion Sept 1990 King’s Lynn, England Jill and Huw Price
3rd Reunion October 1992 Williamsburg, Virginia David Claiborne
4th Reunion Sept 1994 King’s Lynn, York & Cliburn, England Ann Pierce and Joan Boykin
5th Reunion Sept 1995 LaFollette, Tennessee Sam and Maria Claiborne
Mini-Reunion May 1996 King’s Lynn, England Bill and Curly Moore
6th Reunion June 1997 Williamsburg/Hampton, Virginia Mary Louise Brisco
7th Reunion Sept 1999 New Orleans, Louisiana Dr. Matthews and Shingo
Mini-Reunion May 2000 King’s Lynn, England Jill and Huw Price
8th Reunion October 2001 Richmond, Virginia Dr. Irby and Committee
Mini-Reunion May 2002 Dublin, Moate and Cork, Ireland Dr. Irby and Duain Claiborne
9th Reunion October 2003 Baltimore, Maryland Duain Claiborne and Committee
10th Reunion Sept 2005 Nashville, Tennessee Jane Boylin and Committee
11th Reunion Sept 2007 Williamsburg, Virginia Mary Elizabeth Williams and Committee
12th Reunion June 2009 Washington, D.C. Clai Bachmann and Committee
13th Reunion Sept 2011 New Orleans, Louisiana Patricia Clayborn and Committee
Mini-Reunion August 2012 King’s Lynn and Cliburn, England Susan Penfold
14th Reunion October 2013 Richmond, Virginia Susan Rura and Committee
15th Reunion November 2015 Charleston, South Carolina Susan Rura and Committee
16th Reunion October 2017 Nashville, Tennessee Bill and Donna Bissell and Committee
17th Reunion July 2019 Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia Clai Bachmann and Committee