The National Society of the Claiborne Family Descendants
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15th Reunion November 2015
Richmond, Virginia

14th Reunion October 2013
Charleston, South Carolina

Mini-Reunion August 2012
King's Lynn, England
Impressions of King's Lynn, by Diane "Dede" Claiborne Clements

13th Reunion Sep. 2011
New Orleans, LA ( & committee)

12th Reunion Sep. 2009
Washington, DC ( & committee)

11th Reunion Sep. 2007
Williamsburg, Virginia (Clai Bachman & committee)

10th Reunion Sep. 2005
Nashville, Tennessee (Jane Boylin & committee)

9th Reunion Oct. 2003
Baltimore, Maryland (Duain Claiborne & committee)

Mini-Reunion May. 2002
Dublin, Moate & Cork, Ireland (Dr. Irby & Duain Claiborne)

8th Reunion Oct. 2001
Richmond, Virginia (Dr. Irby & committee)

Mini-Reunion May 2000
King's Lynn, England (Jill & Huw Price)

7th Reunion Sep. 1999
New Orleans, Louisiana (Dr. Matthews & Shingo)

6th Reunion Jun. 1997
Williamsburg/Hampton, Virginia (Mary Louise Brisco) Reunion Brochure

Mini-Reunion May 1996
King's Lynn, England (Bill & Curly Moore)

5th Reunion Sep. 1995
LaFollette, Tennessee (Sam & Maria Claiborne)

4th Reunion Sep. 1994
King's Lynn, York & Cliborn, England (Ann Pierce & Joan Boykin)

3rd Reunion Oct. 1992
Williamsburg, Virginia (David Claiborne)

2nd Reunion Sep. 1990
King's Lynn, England (Jill & Huw Price)

1st Reunion, Oct. 1988
Williamsburg, Virginia (Curly)

Jun. 1987
Harvest Celebration at St. Cuthbert's Church Cliburn England