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Society Research on English ancestry of William Claiborne

Rev. Henry Brereton, Father-in-Law of Jane Claiborne
by Matt Redman; Chestertown, Kent Co., MD; Feb 2022

About William Claiborne
  • Chesapeake Conflict The Troublesome Early Days of Maryland by Gene Williamson, Heritage Books, Inc. 1995 (1-800-398-7709);
  • We Claim Right of Possession by Gene Williamson, 2000, (great Title No.70);
  • "Virginia's One-Man War Against Maryland" by Gene Williamson, "Virginia" magazine, Vol.6,no.2 (804-725-7700)
  • Virginia Venturer, a Historical Biography of William Claiborne, 1600-1677 by Nathaniel C. Hale, Dietz Press, 1951;
  • The English Ancestry of William Claiborne of Virginia by Clayton Torrence in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 56, No. 3-4, 1948;
  • History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County, Virginia, by Lyon G. Tyler, published by Board of Supervisors of Elizabeth City County, Hampton, Virginia, 1922;
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  • William Claiborne of Virginia by John Herbert Claiborne, Putnam, 1917

  • Claiborne of Virginia, the First Eight Generations by John Frederick Dorman with Dr. Claiborne T. Smith, Jr. This award winning genealogy can be purchased from the Library of Virginia.
  • Cliborn-Claiborne Records by Lolita Hannah Bissell
    available from Charles W. Bissell, 1006 Tower Place, Nashville, TN 37204-4135
  • Roots in Virginia by Nathaniel Claiborne Hale
  • Virginia Historical Genealogies by John Bennett Boddie

DNA Study
March 2003 Report
Four Major Families of the DNA Study:
  • William Claiborne of Virginia
  • John Clyborn of old Henrico County Virginia
  • Dr. Christopher James Cleborne (1838-1909) Direct Descent from Cliburn, Westmorland
  • John Clibborn of Durham, England and Moate, Ireland
  • 2013 DNA Report

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