The National Society of the Claiborne Family Descendants
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Claiborne Society Projects

Completed Projects

  • At the request of, and with seed money from the Town Guides of King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, a painting was made of William Claiborne and presented to the mayor of King's Lynn in May 1996. The painting is displayed in the Town Hall where his father and grandfather served as mayor in 1592 and 1573, respectively.

  • William Claiborne Historical Marker was dedicated to the city of Hampton, Virginia on June 8, 1997. William Claiborne once owned the land upon which Hampton was built.

  • Acted as advocacy group for the complete archaeological survey of the Pentran Parking Lot in Hampton prior to its paving. The artifacts which were found there will be displayed in the museum in Hampton.

  • Acted as advocacy goup for archaeological study of Poplar Island in the Chesapeake Bay prior to the dredging spoils being dumped thereon.

  • Supported Cecil Land Trust in archaeological work being done on Palmer's/Garrett Island in the mouth of the Susquehanna River, an early trading post of William Claiborne.

  • Successful transcription of a genealogical journal written by Admiral Christopher James Cleburne, M.D. (1838-1909). Copies of The Claiborne Family Journal and CD-ROM version are available from member Elsa Diamond (for order form see Society Newsletter Fall 2014).

  • The Claiborne society purchased extra copies of the book "Claiborne of Virginia: Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne: The First Eight Generations" by John Frederick Dorman with Dr. Claiborne T. Smith, Jr. from the Virginia Genealogical Society, with the assistance of F. Claiborne Johnston, Ann Case and Curly Moore. Copies are available from Ann Case (for order information see Society Newsletter Spring 2012).

  • The Claiborne Society, with the help of member Elizabeth Guy Richardson, has paid to erect a new monument honoring Lt. Col. Thomas Claiborne and his wife Sarah Fenn Claiborne in St. Peter's Episcopal Church graveyard, which was Sarah’s parish church, in New Kent, Virginia.

  • Current Projects

  • Digitizing Archives. The ClaiborneSociety archives are presently contained in several large boxes. It has been proposed that digitizing the archives (including books and newsletters) should be a future project.

  • Projects under Consideration